Discipline: All the Students are required to be punctual and regular to their classes.
They are expected to great the Staff when they meet them for they should maintain proper behavior during inter-action with fellow Students and Staff. Further, Students should not Loiter in the Corridors unnecessarily and disturb the other classes. They should help in Maintaining cleanliness and order lineless in the College premises.

Attendance: Every Student should have 75% of Attendance in each subject. Those who do not have 75% of Attendance are not allowed to take up the Examinations. Parents/wards/should  note the above and monitor the attendance, so as to eligible to appear for the Examination.

Identity Card: On joining the College each Student should obtain a Identity Card from the College office. This should be brought by the Students regularly throughout her stay at the College.

Parent-Teacher Interaction:  Parent – Teacher meet will be arranged periodically to apprise the parents of the performance of their wards with respect to Attendance behavior and academic improvement, so as to help them to take timely corrective action.